Frequently Asked Questions

We imagine that there are lots of question that you may have with regards to a loft conversion, extension or the way in which we as a company operate in general. For this reason we have created this Frequently Asked Questions section. This is an amalgamation of answers from previous clients and although we realise that it will not answer all of your questions, it is just intended to give you a slight idea of what to expect when working with us and some things to consider. Additionally, do feel free to get in touch to ask any specific questions to help you understand what is involved in specific processes just to put your mind at ease or to help facilitate planning. We hope you find this section useful.

General questions

Numerous factors affect the cost of your loft conversion, including the size of conversion and the exact features you require. A loft conversion can begin at around £15,000 although most lofts start from £30,000 upwards depending on the specification and the quality of materials used. Environmentally friendly loft conversions are also available but unfortunately there is a price to pay for this and the result is a more expensive conversion. To get a detailed quote for free, feel free call, email or make an appointment at our office in Baker Street. However, we advise that the first meeting should always take place at the location where the work is intended to take place. Consequently, we will be delighted to visit you there and discuss a variety of options to suit your needs.



A deposit is required but our accreditation means that we are a company that you can trust. Furthermore, you deposit will be insured so you can rest assured that if there were any unforeseen problems then you would have your deposit returned

For the main part your existing living space will be completely unaffected by your loft conversion. All the work we carry out is contained to the loft itself and the exterior of your home. However, your living area will be disrupted during the installation of the staircase, but we pride ourselves on keeping disruption is kept to a minimum. Our runner up of the year project manager will keep a clean and respectful site at all times, inside and out. Additionally, for a cup of tea once or twice during the phase, he will make sure you hardly notice we are there.
This is dependent on the size and difficulty of the project. However, it is typical for a loft conversion to take between 6-12 weeks. For more complex conversions it could take longer but we will outline timescales during a free no-obligation quote. Additionally, if there are unforeseen problems, we will always notify you immediately and present you with a realistic revised timescale.

Yes, All Highland Oak work comes with a guarantee and ranges between one year for workmanship and materials to ten years for the entire loft conversion which is insurance backed. This means you can feel comfortable against any unforeseen future complications. However, if you have any problems with your conversion we will rectify them promptly and ensure issues are dealt with a this is what people expect from traditional values and these values are ingrained in all aspect of our operation. As a company we also have full liability insurance, so you can rest assured that we are covered to carry out the work efficiently in your home. A further comfort will be that we only collect the final 30% on completion on the job after we return to “snag” any problems that may have arisen.


Before build questions
Is planning permission needed?
This dependent on the area where you live and the type of work required
Do I need to inform my neighbors?
You will need to inform your others about the work, if your loft conversion requires any alterations to a party wall (the shared wall between your property and that of the neighboring one), although it will be appreciated by all if they are duly informed. We can offer advice on the best way to approach this, as this news is always received better from a friendly face. However, being a considerate contractor means that we will communicate relevent information with them in any case.
Will the site be safe?
We will plan, manage and monitor our work sites at all times.
Will you start and finish on time?
We will start on time. We will also finish on time providing there are no problems. If there are problems, we’ll provide good communication and give you a reasonable revised time plan
Am I affected by breathing dust?
No, just people who breath it often over a longer period of time. However, asthmatics need to take extra care
After build questions
What happens if I find defects?
We will respond quickly, but all defects should be picked up before final payment is received by us.
Can I get touch with you after the build?
Yes, through the usual means. There will be no trouble getting in touch but for peace of mind, rest assured that we can always be contacted through our accredited schemes.
Will I be hassled by your company afterwards?
No, but we will be contacting you periodically to ensure everything is okay. We receive most of our work through referrals so we want to ensure your happy now and in the future
Will the work be legally certified?
We always work with qualified trained and competent staff. Any certifications will be given by staff who are legally able to certify work
What happen if there is a dispute?
Our membership with the guild of master craftsman ensure that you as the customer will have the entitlement to a great disputes process.