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Our Build Efficiency Program (BEP)

Our guiding force behind our activities is loss (inefficiency) and wastage (too much input per output) referred to as Muda which is present everywhere in various forms. Correct identification of these result in miniature projects that bring about improvement by tackling the causal losses and not the resultant factors where the method used to identify the cost is “measurement” of which the main factors usually come down to labour and material and energy wastage in some form. At this point we use the 80/20 pareto concept and tackle the area that will give you the biggest saving first then create a matrix to provide  a visual display of the savings that can be made as being mindful of saving alone often results in improvement. The aim is to expand our learning into other areas of the business and other builds meaning that most lessons only need to be learnt once. However, because all builds are unique in some way or another. Our true aim is to use the skills obtained from past projects through using the powerful tools such as 3M, 3G, A1, 5G, 5W+1H, 5Why, TRIZ, VSM, Ishikawa diagrams and others alike. All encompassed within a PDCA cycle DMAIC process in an effort to improve our Overall Build Effectiveness (OBE), we apply the use of these tools at the right time, and in the right place, to reduce cost and save YOU money.

We at Highland Oak measure ourselves (namely our building activities such as basement conversions, attic conversions and home extensions) using key performance indicators (KPI) which are derived by aiming to benchmark seasonal trends or making a 10% improvement on the company that has the best KPI at the current time and if a KPI cannot be found, our default aim is perfection. Our aim is to engage our whole workforce in enjoying the process of helping to constantly improve these KPIs. This activity is monitored by key activity indicators (KAI) such as management skill levels, workforce ability to use the required tools to bring about change and project closures which include full benefit cost ratios. Consequently, we do not claim to be perfect. However, we can claim that we enjoy striving to be perfect and the fact that our company is hugely accredited substantiates this. This constant striving, results in you receiving either reduced job completion times or increased accuracy estimation in addition to a job that is completed once and completed properly in a very cost efficient way in terms of labour as well as materials as our build efficiency program is all centered around finance.

Our unique mix of great quality craftsmanship, traditional respected values with the ideology of World Class Engineering ways make Highland Oak Limited a company you can rely on and trust.

Focused Responsive Team
Our references prove that we are very responsive to changing demands on the job and are able to maintain great communication lines to ensure that all parties are well informed.
Brilliant After Sales Service
We take pride in after sales service and great service from our fantastic after sales response team is what separates us from other great companies
Quality Trusted Craftsmanship
Our accreditations prove that we reflect quality in all of the areas and truly benchmark market leaders. Our gallery, references and member awards prove our worth. As a result, we are a choice company for principle contractors
Powerful Cost Saving Abilities
Our estimates are extremely accurate. We even factor in worker fatigue, current prices and material wastage (of which we strive to minimise) to ensure we finish when we say and at the cost calculated.
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What people say about Us?

  • Bill Warwick
    Bill Warwick
    Berkeley Homes.

    It is a pleasure to work with two people who understand the difficulties faced by Customer Service and will, when able, chase contractors who sometimes do not realise the importance of response times for remedial works… They are a credit to the build team in leasing with customers and customer care team to try and achieve customer expectations.

    Keep up the good work, look forward to them on their next project.


  • Ben Boorman
    Ben Boorman
    Home Owner, Kent, TN23

    I would like to take the time to write to you and thank you for the wonderful job you did on my conservatory on my house.

    The conservatory has transformed my house completely and Krista and I enjoy spending the majority of our time there.

    I cannot fault the work you did for us and I can honestly say that I would recommend you and your company to anyone having building work done themselves.

    Please also thank the rest of your team as they worked hard and were polite and courteous at all times.

    Thanks again for all your hard work


  • <em>Tim and Paula Bateman, Kent, TN29</em>
    Tim and Paula Bateman, Kent, TN29
    Home Owner, Kent, TN29

    I would like to thank you and your team for the outstanding job you conducted in forming our loft conversion, it has certainly exceeded our expectations.

    The room has added a lot to the house, and fits well with the rest of the property. It is a lovely room and with the balcony and the sea views, it is a pleasant area to retreat to.

    The quality of work is excellent, and the disruption to the rest of the home was less than I had expected. You hear so many stories about builders and the quality of their work, and the amount of mess they leave, well, I am pleased to say you do not live up to this reputation.

    It was good to have a builder, who could explain developments, and any additional work that was required was clearly explained and priced, and you and your team seem to go out of your way to ensure we understood what was going on, even if things took a little longer than planned.

    Once again, please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the rest of the team. I will (and have) recommended you to others.