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The home is one of the most importance things in the lives of our previous and perspective clients. And we at Highland Oak Ltd feel the same way. For this reason our team is considerate, careful and strive to give you the trust expected from a traditional contractor.

With Highland Oak, customers receive a traditional blend of tradition craftsmanship with the timescales expected from the modern world. That is why most of our work comes from friends, friends of friends and personal interaction with staff.

We use trusted and accredited tradesmen at all times and ensure they have a professional approach and similar values to ourselves. We, as at Highland Oak Ltd have all the skills you require under our roof which means there is one point of contact for every aspect of the job.

What people say about Us?

  • Phil Hibbet
    Phil Hibbet
    T & P roofing.

    This team offers reliable quality workmanship with realistic timescales that are accurate and are able to revise time plans with great accuracy when problems are forecasted

  • Bill Warwick
    Bill Warwick
    Berkeley Homes

    It is a pleasure to work with two people who understand the difficulties faced by Customer Service and will, when able, chase contractors who sometimes do not realise the importance of response times for remedial works…They are a credit to the build team in leasing with customers and customer care team to try and achieve customer expectations.

    Keep up the good work, look forward to them on their next project.

  • Martin Murphy
    Martin Murphy
    H E Finch Ltd

    Reliable considerate well run team that can be relied on to deliver quality every time

Get in touch with Us!

Kelly Scott
Kelly ScottReceptionist
Within Highland Oak I ensure all information flows sufficiently within the organisation. This key role allows all customer needs to be brought to light at the correct time. This means you can relax and have confidence that everything is running smoothly in the backgroung.
Donald Mcarthur
Donald McarthurHead Foreman
Our fantastic and experienced foreman ensure all phases of the well planned building project, progresses as planned and stays within budget construction projects require the interaction of materials, labour, plant equipment and subcontractors. Using total quality management techniques our foremen ensure that at each phase of the job there is near prefect interaction. However a […]
Jeff Moss
Jeff MossProject Manager
Our award winning project manager ensures that the materials, finances and other resources are allocated effectively. By effective planning, he is in control of every project. He ensures that over or under allocation does not occur and either avoids or manages unavoidable complications extraordinarily. He ensures everybody is has relevant information when they need it, […]
Liverna James
Liverna JamesCustomer Support
I am responsible for ensuring that all Highland Oak customers receive the level of service they deserve. I can help with all questions and what I do not know I can find out very promptly by consulting our experienced technical team. I take particular pride on after sales service as it is this service type […]