Our stance on the environment

Construction is undergoing a period of substantial transformation. In times of climate change and resource shortages, environmentally responsible construction and sustainable energy efficiency have gained huge importance. Therefore consideration in these areas are given whilst we undergo our building activity especially during our loft conversions, home extensions and retail shop-fits. Recently, we have given a huge amount of attention when we complete garage conversions as some of the previous building techniques used traditionally were inefficient, expensive to maintain and increasingly unfit for this emerging age. However, with significant developments in construction we are pleased to offer services that are in alignment with the needs of today whilst still upholding traditional values within all of our building services.

From 2016, new homes will need to meet strict standards of energy efficiency and sustainability as part of the Zero Carbon initiative. Consequently, weather our creations are elegant or are full of character, sustainability and thermal performance are key driving forces of Highland Oak.

Our stance on materials

Materials can be divided into structural and functional materials. Structural materials are mainly used as load bearing members. We use such materials for beams and columns during our loft conversions and extensions and occasionally shop-fits. Functional materials mainly possess some special functions in construction, such as waterproof or heat insulating functions. Various builds are constructed by numerous types of building materials and is dependent on the design which takes into consideration the varieties specifications and qualities of building materials are directly related to the applicability, artistry and durability of buildings and also to the cost of projects. A large number of new building materials continue to emerge that often result in the development and innovation of construction techniques and we at Highland Oak Ltd stay attuned to these developments.

Within the building environment, our choice is ideally building materials that are light, have high-strength, are aesthetically pleasing where visible, have heat-insulating properties where reasonable, sound-absorbing where necessary, waterproof, shockproof, fireproof and non-toxic to mention but a few. However, we are guided by product standards with reference to product applicability as these standards are established for products to meet requirements in order to guarantee the applicability of products. They generally includes product specs, classifications, technical functions, testing methods, rules of inspection and acceptance, packaging, storage, transport and more. Building material standards are the foundations for the inspection of product quality and acceptance of product quality. To give you peace of mind, we ensure we use good quality materials and products during our services to ensure we can offer you our great guarantee.

Our stance on Quality

Because of the projects companies like ours undertake are not repetitive in nature, it is not possible to make like for like comparisons. Because of this, the quality management process that was adopted from automation processes are applied to projects that we undertake. This gives us precise control over all of our activities within the project cycle. Our projects typically consist of a diverse interaction between owners, architects and contractors. Because of this we make great efforts to maintain these effective professional relationships. Our projects are customer oriented and custom designed that have specific requirements. Although we do try to cater for the requirements of our customers with reference to deadlines, it is imperative for us to give realistic time-frames for our projects to ensure the quality of our service is maintained and in order for us to not only deliver the type of service you expect, but to exceed it.

Research in the construction industry has proved that utilisation of quality management concepts has greatly influenced the cost effectiveness of results within construction projects and thus achieving successful project performance. This can be brought about by applying various learned, tried and tested world class quality procedures and principles at all phases and stages of our projects. We at Highland Oak manage our large building projects using Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques throughout each activity and therefore improve the control and planning of each project. It is important for our projects be more qualitative, economical and competitive in every way in order for us to meet owner expectations.


Terms of Trade
Our term of trade are customer driven to with the aim of satisfying and generating repeat clientele rather than being purely profit driven
Our respected and experienced  craftsman produce outstanding quality workmanship on each and every job
We have brought significant value to peoples homes, shops, hotels etc in terms of quality of life and in terms of overall market price of which references can be provided
As warranty of materials are included as part of our guarantee you can be assured that we only use good quality materials that can be relied on and are totally sufficient for the job and overall specification  
We are open and honest and very quick to communicate revised schedules where unforeseen problems occur, show detail of changes where necessary and offer specialist advice.
Customer care
In alignment with our mission statement, we pride ourselves in surpassing customer expectations.

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