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A couple of words about Us

The majority of our team work in Central London, West London, North London and the Essex area. However, we do regularly undertake work in the South London and the Kent area. Within our team, Highland Oak Ltd possess engineering knowledge with a bias towards quality and processes and it is through this path that we have ingrained lean thinking within our daily activities. Here lies the key to our uniquely applied Total Quality Management (TQM) application which has given birth to our extraordinary “Build Efficiency Program”, details of which can be seen in the why chose us section. Additionally we have a master joiner, where we gain our expertise in extreme attention to detail of which the rest of the team strive to benchmark and whose skills are shared amongst the team to increase their knowledge base. We have an experienced and dedicated foremen that ensure sites start, progress and finish as planned without missing details. We also have a project manager who came second place in the prestigious Federation of Master Builders project manager awards and first in the NHBC “pride in the job awards” for on-site management. Within this close nit team, we have over fifty years of high end technical knowledge as well as proven, vetted practical experience within numerous environments from small residential houses to prestigious casinos in Central London.

Our team is proud to say that our motto is that we offer customers a “Traditional Build that is based on Tradition Values”. These values refer to trust, respect, courtesy, pride and a genuine caring nature. During our time, clients all over the Essex, London and Kent region have realised that we have made every effort to ensure that they recognise this motto and we make all efforts to help future clients recognise this too.

Our goal is also to ensure that after your job is complete, we strive to hear the statement “although we could have achieved this without you, we would not have wanted to”. Consequently, even before the construction phase, the procedure is thoroughly discussed and we offer advice, documents and assistance to help you prepare. During construction, the site management is in constant contact with the employees and the customers, so potential problems can be solved immediately with little to no disruption to work schedules.

We place great emphasis on consistent and long-term cooperation with same contractors in order to ensure our high quality requirements and values are upheld. Throughout our years of activity, we have honed all of the skills necessary to complete various build to outstanding standards and our testimonials and accreditation verify this.

Our skillset

Quality 100%
After sales support 100%
Value for money 100%
After build clean 100%
Communication 100%
Time management 100%

Meet Out Team

Alyson Fevrier
Alyson FevrierDesign Specialist
Within Highland Oak I ensure that your living space is comfortable, matching and if required can even influence the design process with the consideration of energy flows within the home. This service is a growing demand within our organisation.
Kelly Scott
Kelly ScottReceptionist
Within Highland Oak I ensure all information flows sufficiently within the organisation. This key role allows all customer needs to be brought to light at the correct time. This means you can relax and have confidence that everything is running smoothly in the backgroung.
Donald Mcarthur
Donald McarthurHead Foreman
Our fantastic and experienced foreman ensure all phases of the well planned building project, progresses as planned and stays within budget construction projects require the interaction of materials, labour, plant equipment and subcontractors. Using total quality management techniques our foremen ensure that at each phase of the job there is near prefect interaction. However a […]
Liverna James
Liverna JamesCustomer Support
I am responsible for ensuring that all Highland Oak customers receive the level of service they deserve. I can help with all questions and what I do not know I can find out very promptly by consulting our experienced technical team. I take particular pride on after sales service as it is this service type […]
Jeff Moss
Jeff MossProject Manager
Our award winning project manager ensures that the materials, finances and other resources are allocated effectively. By effective planning, he is in control of every project. He ensures that over or under allocation does not occur and either avoids or manages unavoidable complications extraordinarily. He ensures everybody is has relevant information when they need it, […]